Kojic Acid soap…
 …. Lightens/whitens your skin in as fast as 2 weeks time!
…. Very affordable skin care regimen!
….. gets rid of your skin conditions such as:

HYPERPIGMENTATION             FRECKLES        DISCOLORATION        AGE SPOTS                                                                                        DARK SPOTS                DARK ELBOWS     DARK KNEES        MELASMA      CHLOASMA         PIMPLES/ACNE          WRINKLES                UNEVEN SKIN TONE

…. feel the immediate difference on your skin right on its first use. Try it! See visible results in days!!!


Wet the soap. Run soap repeatedly onto your hands to gather a small amount of lather. USING ONLY THE LATHER, apply light circular motion to gently clean your entire face and neck area.
DO NOT RUB. The fruit extracts' exfoliating action takes effect upon skin contact. There is no need to use force.
Rinse well. Pat the face and neck dry with fresh, soft tissue or towel.
Your face and neck are now ready for skin toning ... and sunscreen protection BY DAY, whitening effect BY NIGHT.


Use the Kojic Bar all over the body.
Lather well for at least three minutes.
Rinse well. Pat the body dry with fresh, soft towel.
Your body is now ready for skin conditioning and whitening.

What is Kojic Acid Soap?
Kojic acid soap is used as a skin lightening agent
for people who may have sun spots, freckles and
other forms of pigmentation on their face, hands and neck.

There are several types of Kojic acid soap brands available,
and the formulation can be used on its own or
as part of a skin lightening facial treatment.

Kojic acid soap is primarily an exfoliating skin product
that slowly gets rid of pigmentation and dark spots
by buffing away the damaged skin cells.

Using Kojic acid soap on a regular basis may help
reduce the appearance of age spots,
eliminate or reduce freckles,
reduce or eliminate skin discoloration from pregnancy
and strengthen cell activity.

The soap is used by many Japanese men and women
as part of their regular facial regimen
so that the skin stays soft and vibrant.
Kojic acid also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.


$8.50 each Buy 5, free 1 pc!

What does it do?


* arbutin and licorice in the black pearl whiten skin tone instantly!
* lightens dark spots caused by sun exposure and pimple scars
* Effective in lightening dark underarms and inner thighs caused by imbalanced hormones, chemical burns from deodorants
*delays wrinkle formation with its collagen content
*safe, gentle and will not sting
*see results as early as first use

Inspired by the rare beauty of exquisite black pearls, this soap gives your skin a luminous clarity using only the finest organic ingredients.

Young or old, you will certainly love using this soap and not worry about harsh chemicals. This soap truly smells so good! Instead of bubbles, you will feel a nice creamy lather which will make bathing so much enjoyable.

You are never too young to use an anti-aging soap.
Starting at an early age will help you preserve your youthful looks and not worry about which anti-aging product to buy to reverse signs of aging later on.

Since this organic soap is made from the purest and most natural ingredients, its consistency is softer than ordinary soaps.  You may want to store it in a dry container.


This product performs best when used continually. Recommended for darkened mature skin.  Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes for optimum results.  For face and body.  

Collagen, Arbutin, Licorice and Vitamin E


A glycerin based soap made of special ingredients that has fast and effective bleaching action. It helps lighten skin pigmentation, scars, freckles, age spots, dark spots, melasma, acne/pimples and other skin problems.

Visibly whitens the skin from within and evens out skin tone bringing out a fairer, whiter and smoother complexion.

It can be used by people even with sensitive skin.

Directions for use:

For sensitive skin: Use only once a day; use on your body first before using on your face. May be left for about 2 to 3 minutes.

For oily or acne prone skin: Use twice daily; use on your body first before using on your face. May be left about 2 to 3 minutes


To protect the skin from darkening and to speed up the whitening process, always use sunblock cream or lotion on both face and body, especially on exposed parts.

Use of sunblock agent is very important, especially while undergoing any whitening or anti-aging treatment because whitening products inhibit formation of melanin--the one that causes darkening of the skin, which conversely protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Thus as our skin lightens, it gives lesser protection from the sun's UV rays.


$8.50 each Buy 5, free 1 pc!

@skin lightener

- Contains Philippine lemon extract, which has high amounts of alpha hydroxyl acids that act as an astringent, skin lightener, and deodorant, as it gets rid of skin pigmentation especially on the underarm and inner thighs.

FEMININE HYGIENE SOAP 135g @ $8.50 each


Dermatologically Tested

A glycerine based feminine wash soap specifically formulated by dermatologists which cleanses and helps maintain the natural PH balance. This contains tea tree and lactic that gently cleanses delicate areas without drying. It also has a cooling and soothing effect that helps women feel clean and smell fresh all day long even during the menstrual period. Great for daily use.

Proven Safe and Effective!! Must Try !!

Pre-order soaps
 >>available $8.50 each. 
 >>Minimum order of 5 pcs.
 >>Subject to availability

Avocado Soap


 – Contains avocado extract and Vitamin E. For stressed and irritated skin. It has moisturising and soothing properties, making the skin supple and smooth. Best for dry and wrinkled skin.

Carrot Soap


 – Its carotene derivative acts as a free radical scavenger and an anti-oxidant. It is recommended for the natural control of wrinkles. It fights off signs of early aging, making the skin look young, supple and smooth.

Coffee Soap


 - A rich coffee bar that gets rid of unwanted odors. Coffee grounds added for that extra scrub.

Collagen Soap 


– It contains collagen which helps prevent moisture loss and increase skin elasticity, giving you a younger, healthier and radiant looking skin.

Glycolic Soap


 – It contains alpha hydroxy acids derived from sugar cane and multi-fruit acids. Excellent for skin rejuvenation. It exfoilates dead skin cells, dries pimples and removes skin blemishes.

Goat’s Milk Soap


 – Pamper yourself with this age old recipe for softening the skin. Goat’s milk contains special proteins and triglycerides that are easily absorbed by the skin giving a natural moisturizing effect.

Green Papaya Soap/Green Tea Soap


 – Fights aging and is efficient in improving cell regeneration. Rich with anti-oxidants and Vitamin E. This soap will keep your skin looking young and smooth.

Guava Soap


 – An all natural anti-bacterial soap. Made from guave extract, this soap helps dry up pimples and also acts as a deodorant.

Hypoallergenic Soap


 – Natural clear and unscented soap made of pure ingerdients that gently cleanses without drying the skin. Highly suited for young delicate and sensitive skin. Even babies can use this.

Masculine Bar 


– This Aromatherapy soap is guaranteed to set loose the animal magnetism giving you the Adonis flaire which will bring out the man in you.

Oatmeal Soap Regular/Oatmeal Soap with Honey


 – A good cleansing soap with natural oatmeal kernels that serves as body scrub and honey that acts as skin moisturizer. It helps exfoliate dead skin cells without drying th skin, leaving the skin supple, smooth and fairer. It also soothes sensitive skin, moisturizes dry skin and relieves itching, irritation and inflammation.

Papaya and Milk Soap/Papaya Soap


 – A natural skin whitener. It contains papaya enzyme and extract that is well known for its powerful lightening effect to blemished skin. It also helps prevent early aging signs like wrinkles. Regular use will give the skin a radiant glow look because of its bleaching effect. 

Placenta Soap


 – Known for its anti-wrinkle and whitening effect. Placenta soap prevents further wrinkle formation and lightens pigmentation and dark spots. Try this and feel the immediate effects.

Sugar Scrub Soap


 – This extremely sweet and moisturizing soap contains brown sugar which acts as good anti-bacterial soap. This creamly speckled soap exfoliates and moisturize your skin to a smooth sanity finish.

Sulfur Soap with Salicylic Acid


- A medicated soap that contains 3% Sulfur and 3% Salicylic Acid. Best suited for oily and acne prone skin. Recommended also for treatment of minor skin problems.

Tamarind Soap


 – A whitening herbal soap that cleans away dirt, oil and dead skin cells that can clog pores. It also reduces skin pigmentations. A special strength formula works into pores to kill bacteria and stop pimples at the source.

Tea Tree Soap Clear/Opaque


 – Tea tree care soap combined with tea tree oil and tea tree leaves. This soap is for skin that is blemished or irritated. This has amild natural aroma and antiseptic properties and has excellent dermal penetration that is for acne. Ground leaf is a mild abrasive and excellent exfoliator. Can be used as body deodorant soap.

Tea Tree Soap

Tomato and Milk Soap


 – This rich moisturizing soap is made of goats milk which softens and nourishes the skin, while naturally occuring AHA in tomato aids in skin rejuvenation.

Tretinoin Soap


 – It contains retinoic acid that helps prevent early signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots. Micro-peeling will be experienced thus lightens skin pigmentation.

Virgin Coconut Soap


 - It is the healthiest, most versatile oil in the world. It has antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. It rejuvenates the skin and prevents wrinkles. It also provides natural UV protection.